bsc course in iihti
B. Sc. ( I T - I M S )

Dual Qualification
Dual Qualification with GIMS and BSc IT Infrastructure Management Services paves a sharp IT career path for students. In today's competitive world, a formal degree and technical knowledge both are must for students. IIHTI brings to you an opportunity to attain a dual qualification with GIMS and BSc IT IMS combined training program that prepares you well for the IT field. Our dual qualification program includes rigorous infrastructure management services training coupled with BSc degree scheme through Open University method. At the end of the training, you become a Global Infrastructure Management Specialist and BSC IT IMS degree holder.

Subject CodeSubject TitleName of the BooksNo. of CreditsSub
Sem I
BR0034 Digital Electronics Digital Electronics-Theory 2 Theory
BR0035 Desktop Operating System Administration Windows 7 Theory 2 Theory
BR0036 PC Fundamentals A+ 4 Theory
BR0037 Fundamentals of Networking N+ 4 Theory
BR0038 Office Automation Practical Office 2010 2 Pratical
BR0039 Desktop Operating System Administration Practical Windows 7 2 Pratical
BR0040 PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Practical A+ 4 Pratical
Sem II
BR0041 Linux Operating System RH 124 2 Theory
BR0042 Server Operating System Administration MCITP Server Administration 2 Theory
BR0043 Communication Skills and Personality Development Communication Skills and Personality Development 2 Theory
BR0044 Network Infrastructure Management MCITP NIS 4 Theory
BR0045 Laptop Maintenance Practical Laptop Maintenance Practical 2 Pratical
BR0046 Linux Client Administration Practical RH 124 4 Pratical
BR0047 Server Operating System Administration Practical MCITP Server Administration Practical 2 Pratical
BR0048 Active Directory Management MCITP AD 4 Theory
BR0049 Linux Server Administration RH 135 2 Theory
BR0050 Fundamentals of Routing and Switching CCNA ICND1 & 2 4 Theory
BR0051 Internet Security Administration Internet Security Administration 2 Theory
BR0052 Linux Server Administration RH 135 2 Pratical
BR0053 Routing and Switching Administration Practical CCNA ICND1 & 2 2 Pratical
BR0054 Mail Server Administration Practical Exchange Server 2007 Practical 4 Pratical
Sem IV
BR0055 Linux Network Administration RH 255 2 Theory
BR0056 Ethical Hacking Ethical Hacking 2 Theory
BR0057 Enterprise Unix Administration Solaris Administraion I 4 Theory
BR0058 Advanced IP Routing CCNP Route 4 Theory
BR0059 Linux Network Administration Practical RH 255 2 Pratical
BR0060 Enterprise Unix Administration Practical Solaris Administraion I 2 Pratical
BR0061 Advanced IP Routing Practical CCNP Route 4 Pratical
Sem V
BR0062 Advanced IP Switching CCNP Switch 4 Theory
BR0063 IP Switching Troubleshooting and Maintenance CCNP TSHOOT 4 Theory
BR0064 Server Technologies Server Administraion 2 Theory
BR0065 Storage Fundamentals Storage Essentials 2 Theory
BR0066 Advanced IP Switching Practical CCNP Switch 2 Pratical
BR0067 IP Switching Troubleshooting and Maintenance Practical CCNP TSHOOT 2 Pratical
BR0068 Server Technologies Practical Server Administraion 2 Pratical
Sem VI
BR0069 Storage Management IBM Tivoli 4 Theory
BR0070 Virtualization Hyper V 2 Theory
BR0071 Cloud Computing Clould Computing 2 Theory
BR0072 IT Service Management ITSM 2 Theory
BR0073 Server Virtualization Practical Hyper V 2 Pratical
BR0074 Project Project 8 -

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